Ep 1 - Justin Laughter and Doug Richards 

Guests: Justin Laughter and Doug Richards. People often attach the Muzak label to any form of relative unobtrusive music, just as a facial tissue often is called a “Kleenex,” regardless of its actual manufacture. Guests for this episode include Justin Laughter, a business, intellectual property and entertainment attorney at Threshold Counsel, PC in Richmond, Virginia and Doug Richards, a professional music arranger and former music professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. Laughter has analyzed several agreements from a mood music corporation. Richards briefly wrote music for Muzak in the mid 1970’s. Hosted, recorded, edited, and music composed by Samson Trinh. Podcast Transcription and References: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MS-IXgxFxlgdzo-vn2-IjGOaeUed4SC2/view